So Ben, my family, and I had a wonderful lunch at In-n-Out. Afterwards, we played a bit of Halo Reach online and followed that up by sending out some witnessing messages. I had worked the night before and Ben had sat throught two cramped flights today so we were nearing exhaustion as it was coming time to go down to Westminster to visit 's home church. A last minute trip to the store almost put me down for the count, so much so that I wasn't feeling like going to this church Ben had told me about. I'm glad I didn't give in to these feelings. The people at Sanctuary welcomed us with open arms and more handshakes than we could count. Everyone knew we were new and they never made us feel like we were. The worship music was amazing and got me prepared for the message. And what a message it was. Paster Shawn taught a Spirit filled lesson about walking in the Spirit. It even ended with one of the final verses being DiG's main verse-Philippians 1:21. Finally the sermon ended with a call up to the front. Not an altar call for salvation or healing but for people who are being called to preach! What and amazing appointment God had us keep to be prayed for for our upcoming open air preaching class with the Ambassador's Alliance! The whole time we could feel the Spirit moving in that place. Afterwards with tears and shaking Ben and I hugged and looked at each other and just said,"WOW!" We got to share with the Pastor and the Deacon, who took us into the youth room to share our ministry with them. The kids in there proceded to lay hands on us and pray for upwards of 6 minutes for our ministry and for us to reach the gaming community. What an amazing night God had planned for us. We finally left and Ben was given a DVD from their church that he wanted to pay for but they wouldn't allow it. This is the most amazing church experience I think I've ever had and I feel more prepared for the challenges upcoming this week!

So I am waiting to board my first flight in this next chapter of my journey for the Lord. I pray the Lord would use me to fulfill His Kingdom.

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Many of you may have never witnessed to someone on XBOX Live. Maybe it's because that's supposed to be your relaxing time and you don't want to be considered a spammer. Both of those are understandable and are better reasons than the 98% of christians who don't share their faith regularly use. The problem is, XBOX gamers are a very lost breed. You've been in the lobbies where you have to mute everyone. Some peoples' solution to the problem is to not play at all online. But now what if everyone leaves rather than takes a stand for the faith. Maybe we shouldn't be muting everyone. Maybe we shouldn't run and hide in the confines of a single player experience. Perhaps we should take one on the chin and start a 90 second open-air type sermon in a lobby. Let them hear the Gospel message or they can make the choice to mute us. With the Halo Reach Beta upon us and I'm sure coming to a close faster than any of us would like, let's use the communcation resources the XBOX gives us to tell people about God's Law and Judgment and then bring them to the cross of Calvary. Make this a Halo Outreach beta. You may be surprised how much more rewarding your time gaming will be.
Romans 12:21 (New International Version)
Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

So we are commanded to preach to all nations, all people, even though we cannot communicate to all nations since they speak different languages.  This is a tall order and somewhat a difficult task... Especially if you don't speak every language. 

Well now you can communicate to a eleven languages with your iPhone.  That's right your iPhone, living waters has built a iPhone app called GM28. 
GM28 for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store
Stop now and go and download it!  It is really amazing it has a built in questionnaire, a preaching mate and the Gospel presentation.  Just select which one you plan on using and then select what language you need to present in and hit play.  It will read outloud through the speaker in the language you selected.  You have Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish Castillian, Spanish Neutral and Turkish to choose from.
You could use this tool with your headset on Xbox Live for those parties when you hear another language and wish you could share.  Not only does it vocalize it for you through the speakers but it puts it on the screen too, so you can see how to type it!
I highly recommend downloading and giving this a try its that easy!  Not only that but it might give you the words in english to help build your confidence and learn how to share as commanded in the Great Commission, the way Jesus did it...
Get out there, get bold, call on God to help you share your faith, plant seeds or water them and leave the rest up to God.

Well there I was on my lunch break at work. I pulled up one of the Way of the Master lessons to look through so I could finish them all up before next weeks Ambassador's Academy. My Filipino co-worker asked what I was looking at so I explained to him that I was learning to share my faith more effectively. What an epic fail that would have been if I had not shared with him right? So I asked him if he had a christian background. He informed me that he, like a lot of Filipino's, had a Catholic background. He hadn't been to church in some time though but he was still familiar with Jesus and why He is so important. I took him through some of the 10 Commandments and he acknowledged that he had broken them and that the decision to follow Christ was not something he should put off. Now that didn't lead to a decision today, but the seed was definitely (re)planted and he will have something to think about. I left him off with a million dollar bill tract from and he gladly said, "thank you." As you can see in the picture posted, he looked more than happy that someone shared with him the Law then the Love of Christ. Don't be afraid to take the chance to share with someone, especially when it is so clearly open for you to do so. The person will most likely be very grateful to you for caring about them enough to share.

Romans 10:14 (New International Version)
How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?

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