Today I wanted to talk a little bit about witnessing. Specifically one type of witnessing that the more I go in my walk seems really ineffective in a number of ways. This is lifestyle witnessing. This is the hope that someone will see what you do and because of your friendship and the way you live they will accept Christ. Of course it is great to lead a life worthy of the calling but to think that your life will be the light that leads others to Christ seems somewhat arrogant to me. I mean, Jesus wasn’t Christian enough for these people to follow him. What makes you think that the way you live will make the difference? Besides this, what if they leave your house, your nice clean house filled with people who were just really nice to them, and get in a horrific accident? What if this happened and they never knew that their sins separated them from God and that they would go to hell apart from Jesus. All they knew was that hey this Christian guy is pretty nice. Make sure we talk to people about sin, forgiveness, Heaven and Hell. Make sure they know how they’ve broken the God’s law and then that Jesus paid the fine for them. Take them through the 10 commandments. Remember Paul said in Romans 7 that he did not know sin but by the law. And again this is not to say don’t be a nice person and let your light shine. I'm saying on top of that, let your friend know the urgency of the Gospel message first and foremost because we don’t know when its our turn to go.
Taken from DiGvotional 14

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