Many of you may have never witnessed to someone on XBOX Live. Maybe it's because that's supposed to be your relaxing time and you don't want to be considered a spammer. Both of those are understandable and are better reasons than the 98% of christians who don't share their faith regularly use. The problem is, XBOX gamers are a very lost breed. You've been in the lobbies where you have to mute everyone. Some peoples' solution to the problem is to not play at all online. But now what if everyone leaves rather than takes a stand for the faith. Maybe we shouldn't be muting everyone. Maybe we shouldn't run and hide in the confines of a single player experience. Perhaps we should take one on the chin and start a 90 second open-air type sermon in a lobby. Let them hear the Gospel message or they can make the choice to mute us. With the Halo Reach Beta upon us and I'm sure coming to a close faster than any of us would like, let's use the communcation resources the XBOX gives us to tell people about God's Law and Judgment and then bring them to the cross of Calvary. Make this a Halo Outreach beta. You may be surprised how much more rewarding your time gaming will be.
Romans 12:21 (New International Version)
Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

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