So Ben, my family, and I had a wonderful lunch at In-n-Out. Afterwards, we played a bit of Halo Reach online and followed that up by sending out some witnessing messages. I had worked the night before and Ben had sat throught two cramped flights today so we were nearing exhaustion as it was coming time to go down to Westminster to visit 's home church. A last minute trip to the store almost put me down for the count, so much so that I wasn't feeling like going to this church Ben had told me about. I'm glad I didn't give in to these feelings. The people at Sanctuary welcomed us with open arms and more handshakes than we could count. Everyone knew we were new and they never made us feel like we were. The worship music was amazing and got me prepared for the message. And what a message it was. Paster Shawn taught a Spirit filled lesson about walking in the Spirit. It even ended with one of the final verses being DiG's main verse-Philippians 1:21. Finally the sermon ended with a call up to the front. Not an altar call for salvation or healing but for people who are being called to preach! What and amazing appointment God had us keep to be prayed for for our upcoming open air preaching class with the Ambassador's Alliance! The whole time we could feel the Spirit moving in that place. Afterwards with tears and shaking Ben and I hugged and looked at each other and just said,"WOW!" We got to share with the Pastor and the Deacon, who took us into the youth room to share our ministry with them. The kids in there proceded to lay hands on us and pray for upwards of 6 minutes for our ministry and for us to reach the gaming community. What an amazing night God had planned for us. We finally left and Ben was given a DVD from their church that he wanted to pay for but they wouldn't allow it. This is the most amazing church experience I think I've ever had and I feel more prepared for the challenges upcoming this week!

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