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So we ended up going to a church that I wanted to check out that had some skateboard ties and I follow the preacher sermons online. We went there and were welcomed with so many handshakes and greetings it was awesome they knew we were new. The worship was great! I prayed for the Lord to show and give me direction and show Himself to me. Then came the sermon, at first I was a little bummed because the pastor who was suppose to preach, who I wanted to preach wasn't there and there was a different pastor, Shawn there to preach. He started out preaching about the Spirit of the Lord, and I was intrigued and listened intently. He preached out of Romans, Galatians, Psalms, and then Philippians. He had a great catch phrase to call on the Spirit when you needed him, "Help me Holy Ghost"  it was so simple yet effective beyond words. 
As he was coming to a close he preached Phil 1:21 which is the motto verse for digoutreach - DiG - Death is Gain. Virgil and I looked at each other and were blown away. What came next was not expected at all. They did an altar call but instead of a call for the lost, sick, or someone needing to be saved it was a call for those who feel led to preach. My feet made it to the altar before my body and mind did. I stood there in some of the deepest prayer and the Pastor laid hands on me twice and prayed for and over me and it went on for about 15 minutes at least. Tears and joy filled me as the Holy Spirit filled me up and moved into me. Virgil was down there too and received prayer and Gods annointment over him too.  The service finally ended and then we met the Deacon Dana and we told him about our Video Game ministry and he was really intrigued and about me coming from Cleveland and wanting to see the other Pastor preach and to receive this message instead and be a part of it. Then came more prayer, he grabbed us and prayed over us and our ministry and for the upcoming week of preaching too. He then took us to their youth room where the youth and the youth pastor was and we told them about DiG and they were intrigued and they than asked if they could pray for us, still in shock of how much the Lord had poured over us we said yes and were quickly surrounded with a dozen kids and the Pastor praying over us. The sincere prayers and passion these kids displayed was amazing. This prayer kept going for 10 minutes or so and we ended with more tears and hugs and handshakes. What an absolute blessing! I hope my words capture this amazing encounter with the Lord. This was the first day, I can't wait to see what He has in store for us the rest of the week!

Humbly filled with His Spirit,


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