So after a long day of travel on Sunday and a amazing encounter with the Holy Ghost on Sunday at Sanctuary Church.  I have been blessed to stay with Virgil's family and celebrate their sons birthday, play games, do some site-seeing and we made our way to the beach. 
While we have been out and about walking around we have tried to find people to witness to and share tracts with.  One store we passed by was a dry cleaning shop and the person inside was Korean, we were going to use the GM28 app for our iPhone but it didn't have Korean.  So we started talking with her, she seemed to speak english up until she heard Jesus Christ and then she seemed to tune us out and pretend to not understand.

Later while doing some store browsing we ran into a homeless man who was asking for .45 cents, I had seen a couple homeless people and remember hearing not to give homeless people the Million Dollar Bill tracts but wanted to give to the poor.  So earlier I wrapped a million dollar bill in a five dollar bill and was ready to give to someone if approached.  Well now being approached I had it ready and gave him the 5 and Million inside.  Even though we may not always have words for people we can create opportunities by being like Christ and plant seeds and allow them to be watered.  I pray that man read the words on the tract and it touched him.
So today we have to get packed up and ready to head to the hotel tonight to meet everyone and worship together.  Stay tuned for more updates as we find opportunities to share our faith with others and go through the Ambassadors Alliance.  Please be praying for us and all others that are in the academy for the next couple of days.

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