Lego Batman

Xbox 360

Rated E 10+ for comic mischief

Score 7.75/10

Okay, I have to admit- when I opened up the Gamefly envelope and saw that I had received LEGO Batman I wasn’t as excited as someone should be for obtaining a brand new game to play the day after it comes out. I literally wore myself out on the LEGO series by nearly 100% completing the previous titles. My daughters, however, were chomping at the bit to play as Batman so into the 360 it goes…


As the first level draws to a close, my preconceptions about the game- being repetitive, just like the other LEGO games, etc- remain unchanged. But something changed about the 3rd level of the first act, and it was then that I realized…


Overrated!  Zombies.... really ?  aren't they already dead??  nuff said

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