Wii Sports Resort



Rated E for Everyone

Score 8.5/10


The follow up to what was arguably the Wii’s best game so far, Wii Sports, is here.  The question now is do you want to go to an all inclusive resort for family fun or stay home?


Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Xbox 360

Rated E 10+

*Cartoon Violence

Rating 8/10


            As gamers, we all know by now that two things are true.  First, games that are based on movies are generally terrible.  Second, kid’s games are a shameful way of getting fifty bucks out of some unsuspecting kid.  When you put the two together it’s usually a disaster like no other.  Fortunately games like Kung Fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones have come out recently with a push to get away from these generalizations.  With Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Activision takes it a step farther and really makes a kid’s game worthy of little Billy’s lawn mowing money.


inFAMOUS for PS3

Rated T for Blood
Drug Reference
Mild Suggestive Themes

Score 8/10

As I move effortlessly from rooftop to rooftop, I realize Infamous truly gives you the feeling of great power. The games opens to a city being engulfed by an unexplained explosion. The only survivor in a six block area is Cole. You immediately take control of Cole and his newly forming electrical based powers.  Several side missions and a story mission are available right away.  Side missions are used to gain experience and change you karma meter. Experience is used to upgrade powers. The karma meter determines if your actions are trending toward good or evil. Side missions also secure parts of the islands so that enemies will no longer attack you in these areas.  Story missions move the game along and help restore electricity to the islands. This is important as you will need electricity sources to recharge your special abilities.  You are also rewarded with new abilities after completing certain story missions.


Tiger Woods PGA Tour ‘10 

This year’s addition of Tiger Woods does not disappoint. The biggest difference overall is the increased realism in which the game plays. With the increase in realism, you automatically get an increase in difficulty. Some players may be turned off by this, but it isn’t something you can’t compensate for in a short time. If you played ’09, you’ll regain your swing in no time. In this game you can expect the same great graphics that we’ve become accustomed to. The professional golfers really do look like themselves, and the courses all look amazing. You also have the ability to use the Live Vision cam to create your golfer, and it works. My created character looks just like me.


NFL Head Coach 09

XBOX 360

Rated E for Everybody

Let me first start by saying this game is not for the casual football fan. Only two kinds of people want to play this game. The hardcore football fan (the one who is interested in every aspect of the game) and the player who is just interested in gamer score.


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