Rated E

Score 9/10

Reviewer: The Naitcha Boy

No, this isn't plinko, it's Peggle! As much as this game feels like it belongs on the Price is Right, this game actually will keep your attention for more than a hour.. It's very addictive game play will suck you in for a countless number of hours. Skilled puzzle players will find just enough challenge to keep them coming back for more, while unexperienced gamers return just for the fun of playing. I highly recommend this game for the entire family.. It's multiplayer supported so you can play against friends online or just kill some time in two very lengthy single Player modes: Adventure and Challenge. Graphically the game is colorful but nothing next gen, and the sound fits just nicely with each bounce of the pegs.. This one gets a 9/10 just based on it's highly addictive gameplay!

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