UNO Rush

Xbox Live Arcade

Rated E for Everybody

Score 8/10


          The first UNO for the Xbox live arcade is considered by many to be one of the must have downloadable games on the system.  With all of the different decks that are available for purchase to add on, the game seems to have tireless replay value.  As great as the original is, it is missing one important thing.  Local multiplayer.  This is where UNO Rush comes in and steals the show.



           UNO Rush is an exciting fast paced card game and the first card game that has been able to pull off local multiplayer.  You might think it sounds crazy, but it works.  You obviously could not play regular UNO locally because you would never put down the wrong card because of the knowledge of what your opponent had.  What Rush brings is action so fast-paced that you will barely have time to look at your own cards, much less the other players.  Players race to get rid of all their cards by arranging them so that they can dump as many as possible on one turn.  I.e., so long as each card in order is playable on the next, you will continue to discard them. All of the standard cards are there like Skips, Reverses, and Draw Fours, but there is a new kid in town called the Scramble card.  Just when you get your cards all lined up to go out, someone will play that card.  It mixes up your cards and skips you.  Sometimes that is frustrating but it is super fun and it’s a great twist to a classic formula. 



          This new experience that Rush brings plays smoothly offline as well as on and you can play with more than one person online on the same Xbox too.  I do have to say that it is not for young kids.  Not due to any content, but because of the pace of the game.  One of my daughters tried to play on the slowest setting and she just could not get her cards arranged in time.  Keep in mind that this is gonna be a challenge for many people not just the little ones.  The game is really great once you get used to what is going on.  If you like UNO this is a no brainer purchase, though the 800 MS point price tag might keep some away.    

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