Guitar Hero Metallica

Xbox 360, PS3, Wii

Rated T


*Mild Suggestive Themes

Score 6.5/10


      Those of us who have any interest in the gaming world, even those who are not fans of music games, know that not too many months can go by before the release of a new Guitar Hero game. Included in this list of individual game releases are Guitar Hero Aerosmith and of course this latest iteration featuring Metallica. You would think that with the coming of GH World Tour, a lot of this updated content could have been given as DLC for the World Tour version.  Fortunately, I don’t have Activision’s four man answer to Rock Band so I picked up GH Metallica.

             This Guitar hero starts off with a bang as you enter the stage as the legendary band Metallica.  You do two songs and then the game goes into some odd story mode that never really makes any sense.  You get to create your own character or use some of the old GH favorites like Axel Steel or Izzy Sparks to go through the career mode but you will always be Metallica when you do one of their songs so I never really got the point of having the other characters. Metallica’s animated onscreen counterparts look great, especially Lars (the drummer). There is a guest appearance of an unlockable Lemmy from Motorhead which is really cool. I was going nuts when he came out to sing Ace of Spades because his avatar looks about the best out of all of them. 


            Graphics have never been the focus of any Guitar Hero game.  That’s no different here.  I did mention that the band members from Metallica look great.  As great as they look, the crowd looks equally bad.  The metalheads in the crowd are super repetitive, worse than in a 90’s Madden audience.  That was pretty disappointing but the setlist makes you forget about the audience issues pretty quickly. There is a great mix of Metallica songs with several coming from each of their great recorded albums. Highlights include Master of Puppets, Fade to Black, and Seek and Destroy.  Joining those are some classics by Bob Seger and Lynyrd Skynyrd. There are also some pretty decent options as far as Gameplay goes. You can play through as each band member/instrument individually or as a band online or off.  There are band vs. band and player vs. player online matches, leaderboards, and DLC consisting of Metallica’s latest CD-Death Magnetic.  The price of this download is pretty high at 1440 MS points considering the game ships with one of the new songs, All nightmare long, on it already.  Oh well, at least it would give you some more choices if you’re like me and you don’t want to do anything by Samhain, Slayer, Mastadon or some of the other guest acts on the game.

             These guest acts are the glaring issue I had with the game. I have never seen Metallica as bad as I do some of the other bands included here.  As you can see, the score I gave does not really match the review I wrote.  I really like the game a lot but I can not fully recommend it to people because it does include songs from Slayer and the like.  Metallica has always been one of my favorite bands so it is a great pick up for me since it seems like I can skip a lot of the other songs that I have issues with.  For those who absolutely don’t like secular music, or if non-Christian music would cause a stumbling block for you, stay away.  If that sort of thing doesn’t impact you or if you just really like Metallica's music, then you should give this a shot.


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