Resistance 2

Sony PS3/PSN

Rated M for Mature

 *Blood and Gore

 *Intense Violence

 *Strong Language

Score 8/10



                Nathan Hale is back to fight the Chimera in this sequel to what was Sony’s best exclusive shooter thus far for the PS3.  Resistance 2 picks up right where Fall of Man ends, with Hale being picked up by a squad known only as the “Black Ops” team.  This leads directly into the first level which is a cleverly disguised tutorial but intense nonetheless, ending with a LAARK missile to the back of an oversized Chimeran enemy.  From there, hang on to your hats and glasses for one really great ride.


              The single player campaign in Resistance 2 is a blast.  The minute you step outside and look at the Chimera infested city of San Francisco with the epic battles going on all around you, you will be amazed.  The standard Chimeran enemies can be a little repetitive at times but just when you start thinking that, you are ambushed by an invisible Chameleon or three giant Titans at once. Then you end up fighting a giant water monster that will grant you the Fried Calamari Trophy when you defeat it. These bosses make trudging through the generic Chimera all worth it. The gameplay is tied together with gorgeous cut scenes that will really help get you sucked into the story of Nathan Hale’s fight.  The ambush in Orick really stands out as one of the coolest computer generated scenes that I’ve seen in a game in some time.  I’m halfway through and can’t wait to get back into the fight in the world of Resistance. However, my time in this game keeps drifting into the outstanding multiplayer.


Insomniac really knows how to make a fun competitive online experience.  I had a blast with the first Resistance and the same applies here.  Online modes include deathmatch (free for all and team), capture the flag and skirmish.  Players can customize their weapon loadouts and outfits to brave these online modes.  Available items and weapons are based on whatever you’ve acquired through the leveling up process.  It’s unfortunate that your items don’t carry over from the first Resistance.  That would have been a great reward for returning players. It must be the kid in me but there’s just something fun about making your avatar look unique from the other people online. The previously mentioned leveling system is unlike any that I have ever seen.  You actually score experience for every shot you land on an enemy with an additional bonus for the kill.  All these points are shown in real time with a final tally at the conclusion of the game.  All of this, on top of the medals and ribbons that you can win plus stat tracking on, make this a must play online experience.  The guys at Insomniac could learn a bit about making better respawns but considering there are 60 player matches that can be forgiven I think. 


            Now for where the game truly shines in my opinion-the co-operative play.  This is truly a remarkable and fun time that simply should not be missed!  8 players team up with each person choosing from one of three classes: soldier, medic, or special ops.  Having at least 2 of each class is vital to success as each seriously bring their own skills to the table.  Soldiers have a high ammo count and a shield.  Special ops deliver timely ammo to needy teammates.  Medics aren’t needed in the single player or competitive modes because your health regenerates like in Halo or COD4.  However, they are probably the most vital part of the team in co-op, coming by to heal you or revive you at just the right time. I didn’t have a mic at the time of play but communication is key when in a mode like this.  That’s why I really think this type of game would shine on Xbox Live where the voice chat and finding friends is so much more fluid.


            All three of these modes add to your overall experience meter that helps you rank up. That in itself was enough to ensure that I tried all the modes.  I’m sure you will feel the same and that you won’t be disappointed by any of them.  This game is so packed with content it is hard to pass up.  Between the game modes, the unique weapons that all have an alternate fire, and the ability to completely remap your buttons, I can’t believe I didn’t try it sooner.  If you are a shooter fan like I am and you have a PS3, this is definitely a game that should be looked at although it may have to share time with Sony’s new release of Killzone 2. 


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