alt I rented WWE All Stars from THQ via GameFly yesterday. Yes, only yesterday. It is currently on it's way back through the mail after us only having it for one day. Why? Great question! Fatal 4 way's. Cage matches. Great single player modes. The character models and venues look great. Being able to wrestle today's superstars with the far superior(sorry I'm old school) retro line-up of classic, squared circle legends. Everyone's special moves are way over the top yet they are faithful to the originals. The individual ring entrances are awesome. There are no female characters nor is there anything in the way of female sexuality which is so prevalent in modern day pro-wrestling. There's no swearing. So what is the problem you might ask? The game just isn't any fun! This has to be the most qualified game to be called a button masher in the history of games. To be fair, you can tell that there is an intelligent control scheme buried deep in the I's & O's somewhere but for a pick up and play wrestling game it just doesn't work. It basically turns into a slap-fest until someone's health goes low enough for you to perform a finishing move K.O. Maybe I could have given the game more time. I'm sure one day isn't enough to be totally fair. But in the time I did spend with the game,(about 5 matches), I just didn't have any fun. Even jumping from the top of the cage with Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka and landing on the Honky Tonk Man wouldn't be enough for me to recommend this game at it's full price. With all that being said, if you could find this game for under 12$ bucks or so in the bargain bin one day, by all means pick it up. It might be worth it to explore all the reversals and intricacies that I know are in the meat of this great visual package. I give this game a 4/10 as a 50$ game but as a 5-12$ game, I could see WWE All Stars getting the reviews that it has earned on a 75/100 out of 63 critic reviews). If you absolutely have to have a new wrestling game before WWE 12 comes out and you are considering buying this, please do yourself a favor and rent this before you spend 50$ bucks on it.

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