alt With the thousands and thousands of apps available for smart phone users, it truly is an amazing feat when a game stands out above all of the other throw-away offerings. Take Angry Birds for example. That game is a nationwide phenomenon. Nothing has come close to topping it...until now. Enter Ravenous Games' bid at greatness, League of Evil. This game is EPIC! For a guy like me who grew up on a steady diet of 8-bit, Italian plumbing,2D, sidescrolling, adventure games this is the ultimate throwback to the "old school". Players take the role of a Cyborg aiming to take down the titular "League of Evil" scientists hidden about the many levels of the game. Stars are given based on how long it takes you to find said scientists. Aside from that, each level has a briefcase hidden somewhere. You can take the "easy" way and play through each level twice. Once for speed, once for the briefcase. However acquiring the briefcase as well as a 3 star time in one shot is far more rewarding. Now all of this is not nearly as easy as it sounds. Trying to keep you from the evil scientists are other baddies like armed guards, ninjas, cannons, moving spiked blocks and electrified walls. All of these get in your way before you even reach the "impossible missions"! Like I mentioned before the game is old school. The control scheme consists of a left and right arrow and two buttons. One is punch(or kick) and one is jump. If you hit jump twice, you will double jump or wall jump, both of which are helpful for navigating the perilous levels. These controls do work well though I have found myself on more than one occasion wishing that there were actual buttons. I've died a few too many times because my finger wasn't quite in the right spot on the screen. This is definitely a forgivable complaint in the scheme of the awesomeness of this game. Basically this is a must own game for anyone who has an iPhone and $1.99 to spend. You don't have to be an evil scientist to figure out that this is one of the classic games of our time. Don't miss out on League of Evil!

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