alt Magic, Worthy, Bird, McHale, Ewing, Starks, Olajuwon, Robinson, Rodman, Pippen, Mullins, Richmond, Drexler, Thomas, Laimbeer. Here's 15 reasons why me and every other lover of 80's and very early 90's basketball should own this game. All of these players and more are unlockable in the game and can team up with current superstars like Kobe, Garnett, and Duncan. NBA Jam already brings back that old school arcade feel but adding these players was just icing with a side of gravy on the already stacked cake that EA offers. Jam offers many modes including Classic Campaign, Remix Tour, Remix Modes (elimination, domination and 21), Boss Battles and of course Online. The online is smooth and best of all, there is no EA online pass needed so you can rent the game or pick it up used cheap. While all of these are great and help you unlock all the players, including the Beastie Boys in Remix Tour, the game truly shines with three other friends on your couch. I had the opportunity with some guys from church as well as one of DiG's own, Heav3nzWarrior, over the weekend and it was a blast. My friends from church aren't even gamers but the simple controls allowed them to keep up while still offering some rewards for exploring button combinations for more advanced gamers. Just to be able to look over to your opponent and echo Tim Kitzrow, the announcer from the original NBA Jam, in saying BOOMSHAKALAKA!!! was worth the asking price. Pick this up as soon as you can because I can tell you by looking at my friends list that it was overlooked by far too many people. Awesome game. 10/10 __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ alt

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