alt The Crysis 2 demo recently released for download (1.8 GB)and play on Xbox Live. The demo is strictly an online multiplayer experience with one available map. The game plays like a strange mix of Ghost Recon, Killzone, and Quantum of Solace with Call of Duty's leveling system. The mix works surprisingly well. I've played several times and each time has been a lot of fun. The game looks and plays well and offers what could end up being an addicting leveling system with various classes and weapons. Players have abilities to go with their weaponry such as shields and invisibility. What's kinda weird is being invisible with an M-60?? The weapons are so today but the whole scope and feel of the game seem futuristic. Maybe because it's a demo I'm missing something from the story's perspective but for now it seems a bit odd. Overall this is a solid shooter experience. It will be fun to collect the dog tags which serve as backgrounds for your player emblem and I'm sure with more modes and maps it will be worth some looking into when the game arrives on March 22nd. I will probably not be picking it up, however, due to swearing in the multiplayer and my gut feeling that within two weeks players will be back to Call of Duty or Halo Reach. alt

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