alt So I downloaded the Vudu movie application on the PS3 the other night. I thought it could make for an interesting review if I talked a bit about it so here we go. For those that don't know what Vudu is, it's a video streaming/rental service that you can access via your Playstation 3. It's a mix of Netflix streaming, RedBox, and Zune and it's actually pretty cool. When you first sign up, you will receive a $5.99 credit to watch your first movie. Yes you read it correctly, $5.99. To be fair this is for a movie that is available to stream for 48 hours in full 1080p HD with 5.1 surround. That seems a bit too pricey to me to pay that on a regular basis especially in light of the fact that Blu-Ray rentals from RedBox are only $1.50. There is always the argument of spending time and gas money when weighing those two options so I just wanted to give you as much info as possible. If you have a RedBox close to your house that will probably be the better option for you. Keep in mind that the 5.99 price tag is for full HD. There are also options to watch in lower resolution streams and that will cost you a couple bucks less. They do also have a $2 for 2 nights selection available which is more on par with with RedBox's standard disc pricing. The problem is that most of these movies are streamable on Netflix. If you have a Netflix account already, you probably are not going to buy these titles when you can watch them with your included subscription fee. There are also some that aren't on Netflix but let's just say their "DVD" covers are less than family friendly so their content I'm sure is worse. Just to clarify, I am just pointing out some pros and cons here and giving you guys some info. I don't want to slam Vudu at all. The app is free to download on the PS3. The video quality is really, really good. We used our free introductory movie to watch The Sorcerer's Apprentice and it looked amazing in full 1080p. Another good thing is that when you first set up your account, you do not need to input your credit card information to obtain your $5.99 free credit. However, even with all the pros Vudu offers, I personally won't be using this service after my free video. In my opinion it's just too pricey. For 6 bucks I'm about 1/4 of the way to buying a sale priced BluRay that I can watch for way more than 48 hours. Vudu may be a fit for your family. Use the above pros and cons to help you decide. __________________________________________________________________ alt

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