All the elements that make up the TV show are in the game. From starting with puzzles that auto-fill until someone guesses to ending with Pat spinning the wheel one last time, to playing in Vegas or Hawaii it's all here. And it plays great. The Wii-mote is used to not only point to what letters you want but also to spin the wheel. You can also use it to make your Mii do his sad and happy sounds while the other players are deciding what to do. If you have the Wii Speak, you can make your own custom sounds which is a ton of fun, though we weren't able to use it for guessing letters and solving the puzzles, as advertised, without yelling. It was a neat idea to add the Wii Speak but it doesn't add to the value of the already fun game even if it is fun to hear your Mii say "boomshakalaka" every time he gets a letter correct. Up to 3 players can take their Mii's to the stage and spin the wheel or you can take on the computer in up to 3 difficulties.You can even customize what your Mii is wearing by unlocking clothes via minigames between rounds. alt

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