alt 7/10. Why give the score first? Well I'm going to tell you this list of awesome features in the game and while you try to figure out how they don't add up to a 9/10 maybe you will see the atrocious omission and understand the 2 point deduction. Ok, here we go. Story mode, offline and online co-op for all 10 missions, awesome weapons and armor all of which are upgradable at the weapon shops at various checkpoints, loot on every level, great PSN trophies, and of course Zombies! So, in case you missed it, I'll go ahead and point you in the right direction. Right there where it says online co-op. Notice that I didn't mention voice chat? That's because you can't talk to your online partner! What on Earth are these guys at Housemarque and Sony thinking. There's not even so much as programmed commands on the D-pad like, "hey over here on the left" or anything. I had to call my friend on his cell phone in order to have any kind of teamwork to make it through the levels. I keep waiting for Sony to "get it" but they just wont. I can't comprehend how they had such a killer online game on the PS2 with Socom(a PS2 game with voice chat) and then completely butcher anything online in this generation. The lack of voice chat is not the only problem either. Another issue with the game is one that plagued(no pun intended)Wipeout HD not too long ago. I don't know if this has been fixed because I don't have a full friends list but if you do have too many friends, Dead Nation will freeze at the title screen and will be unplayable according to IGN. So not only can you not talk to your friends but you can't have any either? Dead Nation is an unbelievably fun game, even if it is a top-down view rip off of Left 4 Dead but it is unfortunately tarnished by PS3's online ineptness. Now to be fair, from what I understand voice chat is supposed to be patched in one of these days but it should have been a day 1 feature. I guess, all in all, you could do a lot worse for 15$. This game has great controls, fun gameplay and a decent story. If you like zombies it's a must buy especially if you can overlook the lack of voice chat. If you like to visit with your friends when you play online you may want to wait until they patch the feature in. alt

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