The multiplayer offers you the ability to turn down the dialogue too and you will not miss out on anything essential by doing so. Dice worked on the online portion of the game so basically it feels like Bad Company on tiny maps. While it is fun, there is somewhat of a disconnect between the single and multiplayer modes. I think the gunplay throughout the campaign (with aim assist off) was far better than the online portion which has entirely too much power given to snipers. It all works ok but I definitely wish I could have seen what Danger Close could have done rather than Dice on this one. The unlocks online are pretty cool with each class(sniper, rifleman, special ops) having 15 levels to advance through. Each level makes your character stronger so veterans should destroy the noobs without much of a problem. As a matter of fact, extra XP is given to newer players who kill someone who is level 10 or higher. It all works well but like I eluded too earlier, there is a disconnect and I actually feel like I am playing two different games when I jump between single and multiplayer.

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