Players step into the boots of three different soldiers throughout the course of the game which takes you through mountains, caves, helicopter flights, and midnight ATV rides. The action is very intense and the campaign feels more real than some of the game’s competitors. It’s not a simulation like Operation Flashpoint but the game does a fantastic job of making you feel like you are right there in the middle of some crazy firefights. One shootout in particular is probably one of my favorite video game moments ever. Your team has to hide in a “hut” while the enemy comes at you from 3 sides of the mountain. It’s insane but I don’t want to spoil it by saying more. Just keep shooting. You will lay down serious lead throughout the single player campaign. Fortunately when you run low, your nearby team members can replenish your ammo. That may sound great but if you are pinned down and can’t reach them, you may find yourself scrambling to pick up an previously owned AK-47 from a Talib...I mean Opposing Force member. With some of the pre-release hoopla surrounding this game about verterans not being able to watch this and people upset about calling the Taliban the Taliban, let me just reassure you that this is a tribute in every way to our armed forces. The ending of the game has an amazing note that solidifies that fact. Just a warning for those sensitive to bad language, there is a lot of it. I realize that in war you probably won’t hear a lot of “golly gee, they’re shooting at me” but I do wish more developers would put in a language filter. This game does offer a gore filter and a dialogue slider both of which will help but of course you will miss some of the story that way.

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