alt Every couple of weeks I go through the top 25 free apps on my iPhone just to see what's out there. This week, due to my love of ninjas, something caught my eye. It was called NinJump. I downloaded it not expecting too much however this is a gem in the free bin. I don't know how long it will actually be free but I wouldn't wait. This game is a blast and very addictive. Part of it's charm is in it's simplicity. You are a ninja running up either of two buildings. There are obstacles, birds and other ninja to block your attempt at reaching your best height. To avoid and attack these things, one must simple tap the screen. Getting super high up the board is not an easy task. There is some help though. If you attack the same enemy 3 times in a row, you get a boost up the screen. For instance, kill 3 blue birds without deflecting a ninja star or killing a fox and you fly up the screen on a bird with your sword pointed up in the air. There are also shields every now and then which is helpful when you encounter multiple ninja stars or have to bounce between sets of balconies. I would write some more but I just talked myself into playing for a bit. If you have the iPhone give this game a shot.

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