alt If you were disappointed with the previous cel-shaded Prince of Persia game but loved Sands of Time, this might be the game for you. The Forgotten Sands plays just like the original Xbox offering from 2003. Wall run, jump to pillar, jump off to the next platform, fight some baddies, repeat as needed. You have the ability to rewind time unlike the 2008 game which simply wouldn't let you die. You will use it a lot to because the game does get pretty tricky in places when you have to use your Left Trigger to freeze water then click LB to recall a part of the environment. Also, the camera isn't the greatest for some of the more intricate platforming. The battle system couldn't be simpler and you can level up various characteristics of your main character throughout the game by collecting yellow orbs. These come from defeating enemies. You will also get red and blue orbs from enemies but mostly those will come from the countless urns and vases you can destroy in the game. The story is kind of lacking but will definitely be enough to keep you going through the game to see what happens. Basically, you play as Malik and spend the whole game trying to play catch up with your brother. Every once in a while you run into Razia, a Djinn, who helps you along the way. Anything I tell you beyond that will spoil what little story the game does have to offer. On a spiritual note, the bad guy Ratash looks very much like a demon and the generic monsters are summoned from the ground. So even though the platforming is straight forward could be considered an E rated game if that's all it was, some may take issue with the enemy types that you encounter. The Forgotten Sands ironically had some epic gaming moments that I probably won't forget. The last level where you are sliding on broken pieces of the palace up in a sandstorm while Ratash swats at you comes to mind. I won't recommend anyone to buy this simply because it's over too fast. This game is definitely worth your time as a rental though. Achievement junkies will love it. I managed almost 700 gamerscore on one playthrough and if I had to guess that was about 8-10 hours worth. It seems this game got overlooked because it came out around the same time as the Sands of Time movie but this is NOT a movie game. It is not tied in with the movie at all. If you are a fan of the series or love a good platformer, give it a shot!

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