alt Alrighty, I could just tell you that Dead Space, Left 4 Dead and Baldur's Gate had a spawn child that was dowloadable via Steam and you would know what you were getting into this game. That wouldn't do the game justice. This game is a blast to play. Alien Swarm offers 4 player co-op action through a 7 level campaign titled "Jacob's Rest." Players choose from any one of four available class types(each class has two different characters). There's the Officer class that offers offensive and defensive upgrades to players who are close to him. You can choose the Special Weapons guys(think Rambo in a space suit) who have the high powered weaponry. For the geeks out there you have the Tech alt class who can hack terminals and weld or unweld doors as needed. Lastly but very importantly you have the Medic class which is so far my favorite to play as. Some levels require you have at least one type of a certain class in your party and you can not launch until someone assigns them self with that class. Once every one picks a character the fun begins. The top-down view lets you take in all the action and see where help is needed by your team. As helpful as it is to see everyone, friendly fire still seems to be an issue for me. That wouldn't be a problem except that the over 40 weapons you can choose from as you level up actually take damage from your teammates if you are careless with them. You won't want to help the swarm out so check your fire! The swarm is tough even with a few teammates. Most of the enemies look the same but you do have the occasional boss battle or projectile aliens to contend with. The aliens do explode in a green mess but I don't think that will trigger anyone's gore convictions. The only part that could come close to being an issue on that front is when you or a team mate becomes a midnight snack for the swarm. That scene can be a bit bloody at times. As far as swearing, I heard some for the first time today. It wasn't blasphemous but it was there so I thought I would let you guys know. If I hear more as the campaign goes on I will update this review accordingly. There's a ton of fun to be had with friends on Alien Swarm. It even has 64 Achievements to try to get for you gamerscore junkie types. At the time of this review it is not available on Mac but all PC guys should pick it up because it has the very reasonable price tag of FREE!! That's right there's no cost to you at all to pick this game up. If you have any issues with the game play or content or even how it runs on your computer, you are out nothing, nada, zero by checking it out. Also if you don't have Steam, that is free too. So with that, I hope to see you guys in the midst of the swarm soon!

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