Ok, another map pack, another chance to use your hard earned cash turned Microsoft Points on said pack. Is it worth it? My answer would be, “yes.” I know 1200 points is steep but it seems that is where add-on pricing for video games is going so that’s what we will go with. The Resurgence pack offers a new look at a couple COD4 favorites, Vacant and Strike. Some people will say that between this and the previous Stimulus map pack, we are being sold the aforementioned Call of Duty game a little at a time. That is a fair take but I’ll tell you, Vacant has never looked or played better. I didn’t really remember how great it was and how much I missed playing it. It’s even better now with my favorite weapon the MP5K. What else is cool about this map is the inside gate that separates the back office warehouse from the hallways is open or closed depending on the game type. That was a great addition in my opinion. Strike, the other throwback map, is great too but let’s gets to the new maps. These new maps include Carnival, Trailer Park, and Fuel. Fuel is huge! It seems especially fun for the Search & Destroy and Headquarter game types. Trailer Park is the smallest of the three and is great for Domination, Demolition and Team Deathmatch. It is a blast but you will get shot from all angles as there are a ton of nooks and crannies to camp in. Now we come to Carnival (a map that could have been yanked right out of Left 4 Dead 2), which is my favorite of the five new maps. This map is awesome and I have on more than one occasion heard people comment that it is their favorite map too. Not just on Modern Warfare 2, but on all games. That says a lot. There is just so much going on in Carnival. There are the elevated sniping spots on castles and a rocket ship. The battles that go on inside the fun house are great. Then there’s the roller coaster. From hiding up on the tracks to getting ambushed by someone lying in the grass underneath, the fun and strategy never ends on that part of the map. I would almost say that Carnival and the two remade maps are worth the price, but then you have Fuel and Trailer Park added to further solidify your purchase. You could do a lot worse with your points that’s for sure. If you didn’t take the plunge on the Stimulus pack and are looking to get some time in on Modern Warfare 2 again, the Resurgence pack provides reason enough to get back in the game.

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