Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

Platform: 360

Rated E for Everybody

*Cartoon Violence

*Comic Mischief

*Mild Suggestive Themes

Rating 8/10


                 I’m sure that everyone was excited to hear that there was yet another licensed character kart racing game coming out…weren’t you?  Me either. I immediately wrote this game off saying, “I have Mario Kart, why would I need to get this too?” Let me tell you how wrong I was.  Sonic & Sega is a grade A racing game that easily rivals, if not tops, Nintendo’s king of karts. 




               Ok, sure, so maybe Sega’s kart racing offering “borrows” excessively from Mario Kart.  If imitation is the best form of flattery, Mario Kart would be blushing right now.  Everything from the number of racers on the track, to the drifting mechanic for boosting, to use of your avatar (Mii on the Wii) to race, all the way down to accelerating at the right moment to get boost off of the starting line, its all there.  Only in my opinion, Sonic’s offering does it better and overall it is a more enjoyable game.  Sonic takes it above and beyond with game types.  There's the standard race, time trial, grand prix and even a mission mode that offers 64 missions for individual players to go through.  Add in the split screen multiplayer that offers several mini games plus the online play and you've got a package worth paying for.  My one complaint about the online has nothing to do with lag or amount of people playing.  Neither of those things is an issue.  There is no ability to take a split-screen guest online with you.  On the 360, this is almost a crime.  Even Mario Kart offers split-screen online for you and a guest.  This isn't a show stopper, but it would have been nice to be able to do.  Maybe it can be patched in later.



                   There are so many unlockables in this game you will be playing for a while before you get them all.  The way you obtain them is one of the many upsides of the game and probably my favorite thing about it.  It doesn't require that you do well to unlock racers, tracks or music.  Unlocks are done via Sega Miles.  These miles are given to you in any game mode, even the online.  The more you drive, the more you can unlock.  This is great because kids and people who are less skilled can eventually get all the goodies and feel like they've accomplished something.  Great idea on Sega's part.  In addition to helping you get unlockables, these miles get you better licenses.  These don't really affect much gameplay wise but there are several achievements tied into the various license colors ranging from Red to Gold.


                      Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing is at worse case a solid kart racing game.  It doesn't have the most lovable cast of racers like Mario Kart but it's got great, yet simple controls.  The graphics and amount of colors on the screen are insane.  The items you use to hinder the other players are great.  And the all-star moves that are unique to each character are so fun and are the great equalizer for when you drop behind the pack.  If you only have the Wii and already own Mario Kart, you may not be able to justify another kart racer on one system.  But if you are looking for family friendly fun on another system besides the Wii, this is your game.


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