Publisher: Sega

Developer: Sega of America

Platform: Xbox 360

Rated M

*Blood and Gore

*Intense Violence

*Partial Nudity

*Strong Language

*Suggestive Themes

Rating 4/10


            Alrighty this one will be quick.  I rented this solely based on the review scores that it has been getting.  It is holding a 91 currently on with several perfect scores.  I popped it in the old Xbox 360 knowing only that it had a female lead character and that it looked like Devil May Cry or God of War.  It plays at least as well as either of those games.  The controls are very fluid and Bayonetta’s moves are great.  That’s where the 4 points out of 10 come from.  I can’t stress enough that the great gameplay is completely diminished by the absurd story line, bad writing (which is littered with profanity), and overly long cinematics.  You play as a witch with a forgotten past that slays angels and uses their halos for currency.  Need I go on?  In no way can I recommend playing this game for anyone with half a conscience.  If need be play some of the old Devil May Cry games (their content seems tame in comparison) if you are looking for a mindless shoot-em-up, action game.


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