Lego Rock Band

Publisher: Warner Home Video Games

Developer: Harmonix

Platform: Xbox 360

Rated E 10+

*Comic Mischief

*Mild Cartoon Violence

*Mild Lyrics

Rating 8.5/10



Ok, so games with the Lego name are apparently not going away. Not only are they not leaving us anytime soon, they are spreading to more than just the action/adventure genre.  And this is a good thing.  The time spent with my kids playing games like Lego Batman and Indian Jones has been great and it only gets better with this new musical offering.  Lego Rock Band hits all the notes in regards to being an awesome family multiplayer experience.


 There is one thing that you should know about this latest version of Rock band.  That is that you will need to bring your own friends or family as there is no online multiplayer.  In talking with another gaming friend of mine we determined that this was a good thing in that there’s less distraction to play with online buddies rather than your own built in band at home (i.e. kids, wife, etc).  Harmonix definitely had family game night in mind with this design and that is something great to find these days.

Keeping with the family friendly theme, the music in the game from what I’ve heard so far is all safe in regards to lyrics and shouldn’t damage your children’s ears or brain or heart.  Some may have issues with artists (Korn, Elton John) rather than lyrics but either way you should still check into it for yourself as they are all secular songs so definitely play at your family’s discretion.  Even the downloadable content, including already downloaded titles, is not as openly available.  Only about 1/3 of the available songs for Rock Band 1&2 can be downloaded via this game.


Game play is standard Rock Band so you know what you are going to get in musical regard with Lego bricks serving as the colorful scrolling notes.  The way it’s presented is fantastic though.  The on stage Lego avatars are in no danger of harming your kid’s (or some adult gamers lol) eyes or imagination with outrageous outfits.  They are all kid friendly and there are a lot of customization options for everyone from the band to the roadies to your entourage.  Your family will have a blast using the many unlockable items to decorate your rock den and obtaining new Lego vehicles which serve as ways to get to new venues.  These venues are all really cool and each of them have some sort of “boss” battle where the better you rock out the better you will do.  These range from demolishing a building to running from a Lego T-rex. 

This game is a super family fun experience.  I can’t recommend it enough. For fans of Rock Band there’s great new music which can not only be played, but also exported for use with other Rock Band titles. For those with kids who want to play Rock Band but don’t have the skill, there is super easy mode which will still let them get achievements unlike Rock Band 2’s no fail mode.  It is definitely a complete package that families simply must have.  Let Lego build your gaming collection today.

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