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Rating 7.5/10

Out of Finland comes an old school, 2D, side scrolling puzzle platformer called Trine. This game, developed by Frozenbyte, is an awesome experience and definitely a nice change of pace from all of the ever present first person shooters that consume our time.



In Trine, gamers will attempt to make their way through 15 levels using a wizard, a knight or a thief, all of whom are connected via the namesake of the game. Players can switch freely between the three characters based on which abilities are needed to navigate the perilous levels. The wizard uses magic to create boxes and platforms. The thief uses a grappling hook and a bow and arrow, and the overweight knight is the brawler, using a sword and shield. All of these skills are upgradable and you will need all of them to not only make it through tough puzzles but also to find the many hidden treasures and experience scattered throughout the game.

And what a beautiful game it is. Even at the somewhat hefty 20$ price point, Trine is worth every penny due to its amazing graphics and high quality music, if not for the overall fun of the experience. It's not all praise for this game though as it is definitely not without its faults. Online multiplayer is again absent from a PSN title (think Rag Doll Kung Fu) that could totally pull it off. There is offline multiplayer for up to 3 but if you’re like me, you’re not going to shell out a hundred bucks for more controllers so that everyone can play on the same console. Also, this game is physics based and that can definitely lead to some frustrations when trying to reach tricky locations where multiple characters are needed.

Trine is definitely a tribute to old school gaming with its RPG elements and side scrolling design. It is simple to control, beautiful to look at and fun to play. All in all the good outweighs the bad with Trine and I think that PS3 owners will not be disappointed with this purchase. 360 owners don’t fret. Though this game is currently only available for PC and PS3, there is speculation that Atlus will be making a version for the Xbox soon.



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