Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Developer: Naughty Dog www.naughtydog.com

Platform: PS3 Exclusive

Rated T for Teen




*Suggestive Themes

Rating 10/10



          For those that played the first Uncharted, you know that the story telling, characters and voice acting is top notch.  It only gets better in the sequel.  This game not only outdid itself in every possible way in the campaign, but it added an amazing multiplayer to go with it that carries over every move that Drake can pull off from the single player including the climbing of buildings.  This game has received at least 24 other perfect scores so I know that there is not enough that can be said about the awesomeness included on this disc. But I am going to give it my best shot.



          Nathan Drake returns in what has to be one of the most beautiful games ever.  The colors that the PS3 pushes are hard to believe sometimes.  As difficult as it is for the Xbox fanboy in me to admit, the 360 could never run this game. The only thing that overshadows the graphics is the outstanding voice acting throughout the game.  What makes them so good is that the scenes are acted out while the voice actors are wearing the motion capture suits.  This adds emotion not seen when you dub in voices after the animations are set and you can really tell the difference.  The whole single player campaign is truly something to behold.  Once you are in, there’s nothing else you will want to do.  I really don’t want to go into to much detail as the plot could be spoiled.  Plus you will seriously have to play it to believe it.  Besides looking and sounding amazing, the gameplay mechanics, especially the hand to hand combat, have been tweaked to perfection from the first iteration of the game.  You will have a blast trying to get the trophies in the campaign. I have never cared much for Sony’s version of Xbox’s achievements, but this game rewards getting them all with a super cool online skin for you to use.  The replay value is very high and at the time of this review I’m on my second play through so that I can get more of the 100 treasures hidden throughout the missions.  There is so much to do just in the single player alone the game would be worth the 60 bucks already.  But then they went and added some multiplayer which was absent in the first game.  



          Ahhh, the multiplayer.  As if the superb single player campaign wasn’t worth the price of admission by itself, Naughty Dog has added an online experience that could easily stand alone for the price also.  Check this out. Gears of War cover system, voting for maps, and power weapon pickup type gameplay.  Call of Duty 4’s perks, party, and leveling set-up. Halo 3’s muting, stat tracking and video saving features. GRAW 2’s aiming/switching shoulder view. Normally you can only find all these together in one place on the wall at GameStop or in someone’s personal collection who owns all those games.  Well not anymore. Naughty Dog has used the best values of the best online games on the market and utilized them in the outstanding multiplayer.  Like I mentioned, a Call of Duty like party system is used to play with your friends.  Yes, I said play with your friends and PS3 in the same review.  Naughty Dog has taken great strides to overcome the online deficiencies of the PlayStation.  Once you do hook up with your friends, you can do custom games or head into matchmaking where two teams of five can battle it out over several gametypes from deathmatch to king of the hill to my personal favorite, plunder.  Plunder is Uncharted’s answer to capture the flag and it is a blast. Players can only shoot with a pistol and they move slower while carrying this big gold treasure that acts as the flag.  The fun part is that some capture points are elevated and you can throw the treasure with the grenade/propane tank mechanics. When you’re done plundering, you can go save screenshots and videos to send to your friends.  It all works great.  This will sound like a midnight infomercial but wait there’s more.  Three player co-op arena mode featuring two game types(survival and gold rush) and a co-op objective mode where you take on campaign-like missions round out the online fun fest.  Players will find the online leveling system highly addictive due to all the unlockable boosters(think COD perks) and skins, plus you can level up in any of the matchmaking playlists even the co-op ones.



          What more can I say?  Naughty Dog has hit the bull’s eye with Uncharted 2.  The game is fantastic and can easily be called a system seller.  This will be the definitive game on the PS3 for some time to come.  Seriously, if you don’t have a PS3 now is the time to get one. If you’ve never played either of Nathan Drake’s adventures, you owe it to yourself to check them out. You might be worried that you wont play this after Modern Warfare 2 comes out but I can assure you, that wont be the case. I know I’ll be on it for some time to come.  Hope to see you guys on soon.


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