So, I select Prince of Persia for my Gamefly Q.  I’m pretty sure that I picked it for my 360.  Apparently that was not the case.  Reading my e-mails that day I found that whether I wanted it or not, I was getting the new Ubisoft delivery to play on my bluray player, i.e. PS3.  As upset as that made me, I figured I would make the best of it and just enjoy the graphics that the Sony system touts and hopefully make it through the game without thinking of the achievement points I just missed out on.


             When the envelope containing the game shows up at my house, I really don’t even want to open it.  I’m too interested in finding a Horde group to party up with or a few survivors to take on waves of zombies on my beloved Xbox.  For some reason, none of my 99 friends were playing any of those games so I shot a glance at the Gamefly envelope.  I hesitantly shut off the Xbox, knowing for sure that I was going to miss out on something or that a friend would get on as I got off and he/she would be playing one of the great multiplayer games that are out right now on 360.  Oh well.  Too late to turn back.  The PS3 is on and the Prince of Persia is being eased in to the system.


            Getting past the underweight controller and the new innovative gameplay mechanics that the new Prince has been given wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I even chuckled when I got my first trophy in the game and thought how silly trophies were and said to myself, “this is such a blatant rip-off of the achievement point system.”  With all that behind me I’m several hours into this decent story when I think to myself, “Why am I enjoying this so much?”  The game is fun, definitely worth the time playing as a rental.  But what is it that is allowing me to enjoy this so much when it had everything going against it from the start?  It wasn’t because I was increasing my gamerscore.  It wasn’t because it’s the best game that I have ever played.  None of that.  It was because I actually got to play the game.


            That’s right.  I got to play the game.  There was no worry about missing a certain achievement.  There wasn’t a smattering of messages, chat requests, party invites and the like.  Don’t get me wrong I love the 360 community that I’m a part of.  But I now know why I don’t like playing single player games that much on that machine.  You always feel like you are missing out on something going on.  And in a lot of cases we are.  But the point is to play games and that’s what I got to do.  The big black shiny Sony machine gave me that opportunity.  I’m fairly certain that if I had received Prince of Persia on 360 I still would not have completed it because the first invite to Gears 2 would have pulled me a way from it.


            I know that even from me, PS3 has been given very little love in the HCG community.  And as someone who has dabbled in their Home beta I still won’t give them any love when it comes to being an online system.  However, if you use it for what its best at which is great single player games, you really can’t go wrong.  I used to say that if a game came out for both systems, I would definitely get it on the 360.  After playing Prince of Persia, I think that might change. 

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