Wii Sports Resort



Rated E for Everyone

Score 8.5/10


The follow up to what was arguably the Wii’s best game so far, Wii Sports, is here.  The question now is do you want to go to an all inclusive resort for family fun or stay home?


This new Nintendo offering invites you to do both.  Wii Sports Resort really goes all out to give you a much fuller experience than “free” game the Wii system is packaged with.  Where as in the first game, most people I know pretty much stuck with the bowling, this disc is packed with events that are a blast to play for people of all ages.  These events range from archery, wakeboarding, Frisbee and table tennis to revamped Wii Sports originals like bowling and golf.  Some of the sports could literally stand alone at the $49.99 price point like archery or even bowling (which has 3 modes now) but Nintendo gives you all 12 games plus the new Wii Motion Plus sensor for that price.


The new attachment for your Wii-mote is pretty awesome.  It literally can tell the slightest twist of the wrist in whatever sport you are competing in.  This is a good thing but can get frustrating sometimes like in bowling when a little too much spin is unsuspectingly placed on your throw or when you put some crazy curve on the ping pong ball sending it off the table.  But for the most part it works great and if it acts up you can just pause and recalibrate it by setting it on a flat surface. I guess the only real complaint I have about the Motion Plus is that there’s only one included and at 25 bucks a pop, getting all your Wii-motes equipped could get pricey.  We did spring for the extra one so we were able to dig in to all the games but it not reasonable to expect everyone to have to do that to enjoy the full game. While you can pass a single remote for most games, not having a second accessory puts a damper on any head to head fun until a second one is acquired.


            Nintendo really has their own technology down to a science now and proves that you should stay away from most third party games on the system and just wait on what they bring out.  You can’t go wrong with this game, everyone in the family will love it.  Enjoy!



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