Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

Xbox 360

Rated E 10+

*Cartoon Violence

Rating 8/10


            As gamers, we all know by now that two things are true.  First, games that are based on movies are generally terrible.  Second, kid’s games are a shameful way of getting fifty bucks out of some unsuspecting kid.  When you put the two together it’s usually a disaster like no other.  Fortunately games like Kung Fu Panda and Lego Indiana Jones have come out recently with a push to get away from these generalizations.  With Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Activision takes it a step farther and really makes a kid’s game worthy of little Billy’s lawn mowing money.

            Ice Age offers a really fun experience for the whole family.  I haven’t seen the movie yet so I don’t know how closely the game follows its big screen counterpart but I do know that my kids loved playing it and watching the many cut-scenes. The scenes that stick out in particular are the ones with Scrat (the funny squirrel chasing the acorn for you beginning Ice Agers).  The variety in game play during the single player campaign was pretty amazing.  Of course being a kid’s game it had the inevitable collecting of fruits and crystals but the game was way deeper than that.  There was almost anything you could think of from platforming, to timed button presses, to 3D and 2D flying stages.  It even had some Prince of Persia type game play with wall running and climbing areas.  It was great playing this with my five and eight years olds as there was something for all of us to do.  Of course daddy had to deal with some of the bosses but my oldest was able to off the regular waves of baddies while the little one was our fruit collector.  It was really a great time and I recommend not missing this if you have little ones around those ages.

             On top of a well done campaign, Dawn of the Dinosaurs offers a four person local multiplayer.  You can unlock more mini-games as you progress through single player but even the ones you start off with are a blast. They range from rolling on snow balls to bump each other off the ice, to shooting games, to running from Momma T-Rex.  All the games are a blast and easy for all ages.  The best part about them is that they all based on things you have to do in story mode so if there’s something your kids can’t do, they can practice it while having fun with their friends or siblings. 


            All in all, I would say that between the multiplayer, the campaign and the ability to replay levels, this game is definitely worth the dough especially for those that have kids (plus at this time, is giving a 20$ gift card if you buy it). For fans of the movie or someone looking for a few hundred quick achievement points, there are definitely worse games you could rent. 

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