Tiger Woods PGA Tour ‘10 

This year’s addition of Tiger Woods does not disappoint. The biggest difference overall is the increased realism in which the game plays. With the increase in realism, you automatically get an increase in difficulty. Some players may be turned off by this, but it isn’t something you can’t compensate for in a short time. If you played ’09, you’ll regain your swing in no time. In this game you can expect the same great graphics that we’ve become accustomed to. The professional golfers really do look like themselves, and the courses all look amazing. You also have the ability to use the Live Vision cam to create your golfer, and it works. My created character looks just like me.

A number of features are returning from last year’s game. You will still be able to play the entire PGA season event by event, daily online tournaments return, simultaneously online play, and all of those mini-games. 

Now let’s get on with the new features. As I stated earlier, the game has made an improvement making the game more realistic. The new Live Weather feature allows you to play in the conditions that courses are currently experiencing, and the weather really does affect your play. You have to account for the wind in your long shots and you have to account for dry or wet conditions. Another addition is that you have to play the ball like you are actually playing a real round of golf. For me, an avid golfer, this is something I can really appreciate. If you’re lined up for a shot, and the ball is below your feet, your shot really will fade away from you. If you’re hitting to a green that is either lower or elevated from your position, you really do have to account for that. It takes a little getting used to, but something that makes the game immensely more fun. The physics of ball have been tweaked a bit also. Depending on how you hit your shot, will determine how the ball reacts when it lands. This was true in previous Tiger titles, it’s just a little more prevalent now. 

If you’ve played other Tiger games, you’ll remember the Tiger Challenge. That is now gone. What is in its place is much better. Now known as Tour Challenge, you not only get to compete against other professional golfers, you get to play against them just how they have played in previous events. These are real situations that you need to match or beat. The cool thing about this feature is that when you play a challenge by Tiger, you get a short video of Tiger explaining how/why he played like he did, and the decisions he had to make. One that sticks in my mind is Tiger playing #17 at TPC Sawgrass (the island green). For this challenge, you have to match Tiger shot for shot. From his tee shot to the very back of the green, to his 30+ foot putt for birdie. The finale of the Tour Challenge pits you against Tiger and Rocco Mediate in the 2009 US Open. Except this time, you have to change history and beat them both. I’ve tried this challenge once, and I must say it is very difficult. I lost to Tiger by 2 strokes in a round that he went -19 and had a hole in one.

The best addition to TW PGA ’10 is the Play the Pros feature. Every week there is a different PGA tour event going on. This gives you the opportunity to play the course that they are playing, with the same conditions that they are playing in. This isn’t a multiplayer mode; there are no other players in the game, just you against the pros actual scores from that day. And by the way, this has to be played on the Tour difficulty. No power boosting, no manually spinning your ball, just pure skill. I played the first round of the Travelers Championship this past weekend. My score of E didn’t hold up very well against Kenny Perry’s -6. You need to bring you’re A game to these tournaments. 

Obviously EA will support this game by adding extra courses; there is already a Spyglass Hill course available for download. Something new this year is the ability to download “fantasy” courses. What these will be no one really knows yet, but there is an ad for one that will be coming soon in the game’s main menu. And then comes the new putting. James mentioned it on the pod cast, and it’s just like he said. The precision putter is a meter used to put, kind of like kicking in the Madden games, bigger backswing means you’ll hit the ball harder. The difference between this, and last year’s putting is quite small. With precision putting, you need just one putter to cover any distance on the green. With last year’s (called classic) putter, you had to change from one putter to another to hit the ball longer. Using the precision putter is optional though, you can switch to the classic putter if you want to. 

Overall I have to say that this is the best Tiger Woods game to date. Everything feature from last year has either stayed the same or gotten better I can’t think of a single aspect of this game that I liked better in ’09. Now for anyone interested in this game, it seems as though there are deals every where. I purchased my copy on eBay for $49.99 with free shipping. Target has it on sale now for $49.99 also, so it would seem you only pay full price for this game if you want to. 


Buy for avid golf fans, or if you have friends to play online with. Rent for everyone else.


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