inFAMOUS for PS3

Rated T for Blood
Drug Reference
Mild Suggestive Themes

Score 8/10

As I move effortlessly from rooftop to rooftop, I realize Infamous truly gives you the feeling of great power. The games opens to a city being engulfed by an unexplained explosion. The only survivor in a six block area is Cole. You immediately take control of Cole and his newly forming electrical based powers.  Several side missions and a story mission are available right away.  Side missions are used to gain experience and change you karma meter. Experience is used to upgrade powers. The karma meter determines if your actions are trending toward good or evil. Side missions also secure parts of the islands so that enemies will no longer attack you in these areas.  Story missions move the game along and help restore electricity to the islands. This is important as you will need electricity sources to recharge your special abilities.  You are also rewarded with new abilities after completing certain story missions.

The game play handles well in the sandbox setup.  Scaling large buildings, grinding along train tracks and power lines, and hovering using electric propulsion are very easy to master.  Before you know it, you will be moving across town using multiple avenues with ease. Combat is also very open. Using the left bumper to hold up your hand to aim, you can unload a large variety of attacks.   From the basic lightning bolt to the grenade like ball of electricity, you can use multiple means to dispatch enemies. 

      Since I have not completed the game, I cannot fully comment on the story. You are working with outside forces to determine the reason for the explosion.  Through the storyline, there are points where you can make good or evil choices. It is very obvious which choice is which. I have been playing through as a good character, but I must admit that I am curious to see the outcome of some of the evil alternatives. 

The graphics are a bit on the lack luster side.  The city is big, but the building and people do not seem as crisp as Uncharted or Gears.  One thing that does stand out is the amount of activity.  Plenty of cars are traveling the roadways and people are everywhere. Also, when you enter an area, people react to your presence. Weather it is taking your picture, throwing a rock at you or cowering in fear, the city feels alive.

      If you are a fan of sandbox games, you will enjoy roaming these three islands. The inclusion of good and evil paths almost guarantees a second play through.  Although some of the missions become repetitive, the addition of new powers in between these missions breathes new life.  Although Infamous has not delivered any knock your sacks off moments, the game play is solid and fun.

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