UFC 2009 Undisputed
Review by. The Naitcha Boy
Score 8/10
Rated T for Alcohol,Blood,Language,Mild Suggestive Themes, and Violence

The UFC hits the Xbox 360 with a swift kick to the head! Ultimate Fighting Championship fans finally have a strong representation of what goes on in the octagon at their fingertips. THQ and developmental team YUKES took a shot at what has failed in the past... and that's making a realistic MMA style of game, and I must say I am impressed with their first attempt.

Fans of the Smackdown vs. Raw series(also done by THQ) will find a strong representation in game mechanics with UFC Undisputed.  The 2 games use a very similar control scheme, which can be very complex at times and sometimes down right frustrating.  It seems very overwhelming at first, but with a lengthy and rewarding tutorial mode, everything is covered that you will need to successfully pull of what ever moves fit your fighter's style. Once you get used to the style that best fits you, it will lead into a very rewarding experience. There is nothing like landing a hay maker on you opponent and see the pain caused by a well pulled off combo or a dominating ground and pound artist who can maneuver his character into a dominating mounting position that's nearly impossible to stop.. My only gripe with the contols would be submissions, sometimes they just seem impossible to pull off, playing online against someone seems to work fine, but trying to pull a rear naked choke on the AI is like pulling teeth.

The look of the game is very solid, with very accurate depictions of what goes on inside the octagon. The game boasts over 80+ fighters which really do feel and look like their real life counterparts. Cutting and bruising throughout the fight are very nicely done and THQ did a fantastic job of capturing what goes on during fights. Sounds of the game are also nicely done, with a great mix of metal and hard rock to set the mood. Hit detection sound effects are done decently in ring which keeps realism to the game. There is always room for improvement to add more in-ring sounds, but a nice start.

UFC 09 has your basic online, create a fighter, and career mode available. Create a fighter mode is very simple and suffers a little for it's lack of depth. You are offered limited amount of options on your fighters appearance, which some people might find disappointing. The CAF mode has plenty of wiggle room for future games, but time lacking creating your characters look was better spent on a well done career mode. You start off as a very low ranked fighter, and have several weeks in-between fights to build your characters stats by performing different tasks. These tasks include: hitting the gym for some speed, cardio or strength training or sparring against a partner to build your overall stats. However you spend your time do so wisely, you have a stamina counter that each event takes away from your overall percentage, you don't want to be at 11% come fight night. When you aren't building your hall of fame fighter in career mode, you will spend time online where you can participate in either ranked or unranked matches. The online mode is well done with no noticeable lag, so hardcore MP fans should find this welcoming.  There is one more mode called classic fights where certain challenges are offered and if you complete them you are rewarded with some clips of the fight you just helped recreate.

In closing, UFC Undisputed 09 has it's share of problems, but just being the first game in the series what could one expect differently. There is a lot of fun to be had here, whether you are a UFC fanatic or casual fighting game fan. I SUBMIT this review to you being overall pleased with the effort of this game. Maybe we will get to experience more next year..

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