Epic Pet Wars


Rated 9+

*Infrequent/Mild Cartoon

 Or Fantasy Violence

Score 8/10


         Online RPG’s are all the rage these days for owners of the iPhone or the iTouch.  All of them play about the same; build up your posse with new members, do some mundane training or job with your crew, battle other people’s crews, rinse, and repeat.  With so many mmorpg type games available for the iPhone/iTouch, it’s hard to sift through what is worth your time and what is not.  For the most part, these types of games are mindless wastes of time.  That is somewhat true in the case of Epic Pet Wars but the game definitely stands out from it’s counterparts in this genre.

           Sure you do the same stuff as in the other games as far as building up a crew of other people and training etc.  Where Pet Wars stands out above the others is in its battle system.  Unlike the other games like Mafia Wars or World War where you just press attack and the game does the rest, Epic Pet Wars lets you control whether you want to attack, use an item, or run away.  The fighting is way more interactive and makes you feel like you are actually participating in something rather than being a spectator to something you have no control over.  There are so many items that you can use in battle and some awesome weapons, armor and accessories that you can equip on your cute fuzzy little pets. 


            There are many pets to choose from, if you want to throw down the cash to unlock them.  To start off there are 4 pets with 2 more that you can download for free.  The rest of the birds, dinosaurs, and ocean dwelling beasts cost you.  They do come with respect points that you can use to obtain special items from the battle master with.  This is where my main issue is with the game.  The nickel and diming you for these points.  In Mafia Wars, these same types of points were given as you level up and in my opinion the same should have been done here.  But the game is super fun and you can link it to epicpetwars.com and play on your computer so I feel that the goods way outweigh the bads and hey, it’s free for the basic game so you really can’t go wrong. Plus to top it all off, there are Achievements!! Now if i could find a way to link those to my Xbox gamerscore...lol. If you have an iPhone or the touch, you should definitely give this game a shot.


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